A Holiday Gift Guide to All The Hottest Tech of The Past Year

Every year new tech gadgets hit the market looking to make some aspect of daily life easier or more enjoyable. From wearable devices to smart home devices and beyond, there is a seemingly unlimited supply of new products to choose from when shopping for the tech-obsessed. BOSS has put together this list of the top tech gadgets of 2019 to help make your holiday shopping a little easier.


There is certainly no shortage of content to stream these days. CINEMOOD allows you to access movies and TV shows from your favorite streaming services courtesy of a portable 3-inch cube that weighs less than a pound. You can turn blank walls into movie screens anywhere you can connect to WiFi by projecting it from your CINEMOOD. The device is even more appealing to families with young children as it comes preloaded with 40 digital books and 27 videos and short cartoons featuring Disney characters.

Smart Garden 3

The latest version of Click & Grow’s Smart Garden comes with a set of three basil pods that will grow easily thanks to the gardens preset watering and lighting. Even those without a green thumb who live in the most cramped indoor spaces can have their own year-round spice garden. There are more than 50 plant pods to choose from, simply insert them into the Smart Garden and watch them grow. It’s like a Keurig for herbs. Smart garden also works with seeds of your choosing.

June Smart Oven

A countertop oven that makes whipping up a perfect meal easier than ever. The June oven features an HD camera and artificial intelligence that learns to recognize the food you place inside and provide cooking suggestions. Along with a variety of preprogrammed functions, the oven also has an internal thermometer that recognizes when food is cooked thoroughly. Over time, the AI learns when something has been cooked to your preferences. An app allows you to cook and monitor progress with your phone and browse how-to videos and recipes.

Theragun G3PRO

A full-body massage right in your hands, the Theragun G3PRO features an ergonomic design with four arm positions that allow you to massage your entire back without straining your arms or hands. Using percussive therapy, the G3PRO provides deep muscle treatment by delivering rapid, repetitive pressure to targeted muscle groups. The device promotes flexibility and recovery, increases strength, and reduces soreness after just 30 seconds on each muscle group. No longer is there a need to schedule a massage after a strenuous workout or a long day at the office.


A cocktail machine that prepares drinks just as well as your local mixologist. Owners stock the Bartesian with water and their favorite liquor, then add a “capsule” of their cocktail of choice, including margaritas, negroni, mint juleps, and more. The device asks for the preferred strength, ranging from mocktail to strong, then mixes and pours the drink. Delicious cocktails in the comfort of home, made to order … and you don’t have to leave a tip.

Bose Frames Alto

Sleek sunglasses with the unparalleled sound Bose is known for. Resembling the classic look of Ray-Ban Wayfarers but loaded with tech, Bose Frames Alto feature patented “audio chambers” that play music only you can hear, without the need for any additional devices in or on your ears. Music can be controlled via the Bose Connect app on portable iOS and Android devices. Bose is so confident in their latest tech gadget they’re offering a 30-day risk-free trial.

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch might be reminiscent of the Wii Fit, which was one of the most popular holiday gift items 12 years ago, but this piece of gaming tech offers a workout its predecessor could never match. Holding the Ring-Con™ and wearing a leg strap, gamers jog, sprint, and high step through 20 unique worlds where they battle enemies by performing real-life exercise such as shoulder presses and yoga poses. Working out has never been more fun and engaging for people of all ages.


The perfect tech gadget for the insomniac in your life. Dodow sits on your nightstand and projects a blue light onto the ceiling. Those struggling with insomnia time their breathing with the light as it expands and contracts, slowing breathing to six breaths per minute and decreasing heart rate. The breathing technique combines yoga and meditation practices to achieve relaxation. Dodow can be set for 8- or 20-minute sessions and shuts off automatically.

Nadi X Yoga Pants

top gadgets of 2019, boss magazine

Yoga is great exercise with numerous physical benefits. However, to maximize results, you need to do the poses properly. Nadi X yoga pants are smart pants that pair with an app to guide you through yoga when you can’t make it to the studio. Sensors woven into the pants note when your form is off and vibrate to guide you into place while audio from your mobile device also provides assistance. Despite the tech, Nadi X pants can be easily cleaned with a gentle wash and tumble dry.

Furbo Dog Camera

top gadgets of 2019, boss magazine

You miss your dog when you’re not home, and your dog misses you. The Furbo Dog Camera helps ease that separation anxiety by incorporating an HD camera that lets you see what’s going on in the house and a microphone and speaker that allows you and your dog to hear one another. You can set bark alerts to various sensitivities to know if you need to calm your furry friend down and use your smartphone to toss your dog treats from Furbo when he or she is behaving.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

Heat or cool an entire room while purifying the air with this tech gadget that fits in the corner of the room. The sleek device detects air pollutants, captures them, and circulates warm or cool air, depending on the setting. An LCD display shows room temperature, pollutants detected, filter life, and more. It can be set to maintain temperature and features a night mode which lowers display brightness and operates more quietly.

Smartech Xtend

Smart luggage designed so you no longer have to decide between bringing a carry-on or a larger suitcase. Xtend’s innovative design allows the luggage to expand by as much as 50 percent when you need to pack more items and contract when you need to squeeze it into the overhead compartment. An excellent option for people traveling with gifts or returning home with souvenirs for family and friends, the Xtend also features a charging port to keep your mobile devices running while you wait for your plane.

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